Town, Miami Green Architecture News: Miami’s Most Green Bungalow

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A Miami bungalow built in the 1930s has gotten the modern, green treatment from architect Christian Wassmann and his studio in a unique, environmentally conscientious extension.

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Called “The Sun Path House,” the dynamic three-story structure is made of concrete and features spiraling walls, a solarium, abundant natural light, greenery and open spaces. The intention behind the design was to create a serene living environment with subtly playful qualities as well.

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Though considered the new main living area on the property, the design studio’s website says the extension is “in dialogue” with the bungalow. There’s an expansive, open kitchen operating as a spatial connection to the original structure. Located at the top of the building, the solarium’s curved wall maps the path of the sun on the summer solstice, reflecting sunlight onto the surface of the adjacent deck all day.

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A spiraling wall, with structural, functional and aesthetic purposes, acts as the spine of the building, spanning all three floors, optimizing exposure to natural light and facilitating the growth of all the greenery. So as to face north, the top edge of the curved wall is rotated—in respect to the existing building—11.25 degrees. The middle of the wall, where the master bedroom is located, is parallel to the established house. On the ground floor the curvature is 11.25 degrees towards the middle of the garden, and the rotation point of this 22.5-degree twist is the central staircase leading to the top sundeck.

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The curved concrete wall also does a great job of deflecting wind, maintaining calm inside the structure. The sizable windows and outdoor spaces throughout offer the residents a sincere connection with nature. 

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