Town Green Architecture News: The Amazing Residences’ Forest of Paris

Town March Green Arch 1
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A “growing” trend in real estate development has been the incorporation of green spaces into a building’s design, either residential, mixed-use or office. The people at Sou Fujimoto Architects and Manal Rachdi’s OXO Architects are hoping to take that concept to a whole new level.

Town March Green Arch 2
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In an enormous, glassy development design they recently proposed for a Paris street, the two teams envision a forest engulfing a futuristic, ship-like building.

Town March Green Arch 3
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The project, called Thousand Trees, is intended to stand on Boulevard Périphérique in the Pershing section of the city.

Town March Green Arch 4
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Surrounding social housing, a community center, school and playgrounds, the residences’ forest will form a natural, inhabited ecosystem and infuse some biodiversity into the urban area. The trees will also act as a buffer against pollution.

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Set atop triangular concrete slabs, Thousand Trees would also include offices, a four-star bed and breakfast hotel, restaurants and a bus station. The plan won first prize in its category at the recent “Reinventing Paris” architecture and design competition.

For more information, visit OXO Architects’ official website