Food News | New Eatery Alert!

We’re all regulars somewhere in New York City, whether it’s a tiny café, a century-old Italian restaurant or that tasty sushi place around the corner. That said, there are too many great new restaurants that crop up on a consistent basis across the city’s grid to avoid in the name of what we know best. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the latest and greatest eateries that have graced the city this past summer. If you haven’t sampled their menus yet, be sure to try them this fall!

1. Martina

198 East 11th Street, East Village

Image Courtesy Eater New York

Union Square Hospitality Group has opened a new Italian mainstay on 11th Street. Though reminiscent of Shake Shack’s buzzer-ordering system, Martina’s chef Nick Anderer shies away from a classification of “fast-casual,” preferring “fine-casual” instead. He stresses his new restaurant’s high quality of service, combined with the organic human interaction between his employees and customers. However, the restaurant is undeniably speedy, with pizzas cooking within two minutes. At prime times, the chef plans to push out up to 90 pies an hour. At under $13 per slice, it’s worth stopping by for a taste!

2. Café Bilboquet

26 East 60th Street, Upper East Side

Image Courtesy Justin Gilliland/The New York Times

The owner of Le Bilboquet, Philippe Delgrange, has opened a new café down the street from his renowned bistro. The casual French eatery now serves tasty treats like breakfast pastries and éclairs, plus ready-made paninis and salads, and refreshments including coffee, tea, beer and wine. Though casual, Café Bilboquet remains reminiscent of its older and more established cousin with its elegantly gilded setting and plush garnet banquettes.

3. Calavera’s 

234 Starr Street, Bushwick

Image Courtesy Bushwick Daily

For those of you who reside in Bushwick, a new Mexican restaurant has opened on Starr Street. A black flag bearing a smiling skull (“calavera”) beckons you inside to taste its tacos, quesadillas and gorditas while sipping tasty margaritas. You’ll find the inside decorated in homage to Mexican folk art, with colorful fantastical figures inspired by artist Pedro Linares lining the shelves. Bar managers Oscar Castro and Rocio Baker sourced all of the art directly from Mexico, and head chef Miguel Rojas carefully crafted the menu to offer only the country’s best. And, the extensive margarita list goes beyond the standard mango and strawberry, including lychee, blueberry and blood orange flavors as well.

4. Queens Bully

113-30 Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills

Image Courtesy Queens Bully

Queens Bully (short for “Boulevard”) was the dream of borough natives Rohan Aggarwal and Suraj Patel. The gastropub serves comfort food and barbecue inspired by Queens’ diversity of culture. The eclectic menu by Chef Arim Isabel includes smoked jerk chicken, Corona pork tacos and shrimp and grits, plus locally sourced vegetables and herbs grown at the establishment. Subway tiled decor makes anyone who walks in feel right at home in the city.

5. Feed Your Soul Cafe

14 Wall Street, Financial District

Image Courtesy Feed Your Soul Cafe

Feed Your Soul Cafe is the first express retail location of the brand Feed Your Soul. Born out of a studio apartment over a decade ago, the bakery donates cookies and premium pastries to The Coalition for the Homeless with every order placed. The tasty treats include large and small cookies in flavors ranging from honey oatmeal raisin and white chocolate snickerdoodle to triple chocolate cocoa loco to white chocolate cherry jubilee. Plus, the location serves brownie bars, granola bars, pastries and more!