Food News | The City’s Best Guilt-Free Indulgences

Amidst the ever-changing New York City landscape, one thing that remains consistent is the prerogative to grab a slice of pizza or order Thai food at any hour of the day or night. Having such an array of indulgent options at your fingertips can, however, take its toll. Luckily, we have identified five fabulous options for health-conscious treats that allow you to indulge guilt-free. Head to one of these sweet locales to satisfy your sugar craving with a dessert so delicious that you won’t believe it is actually good for you!

Sweets By Chloe

185 Bleecker Street

Image Courtesy Gothamist
Image Courtesy Gothamist

By Chloe has successfully brought elevated cuisine to all of New York. Now you can enjoy decadent vegan desserts such as black and white cookies and dairy-free soft serve at their Sweets by Chloe Bleecker Street location, while leaving the guilt at home.

Vegan Divas

1437 First Avenue

Image Courtesy Vegan Divas
Image Courtesy Vegan Divas

Although Vegan Divas is located on the Upper East Side, you can find their decadent desserts at a various outposts throughout the city, including Whole Foods. Their vegan desserts are not only mouth-watering and delicious, but also made with alternative ingredients such as organic spelt flour (gluten free) and maple syrup (sugar free). What’s more, they list all of their ingredients on their website so you can be more than sure of what you are putting into your system.

Blossom Bakery

174 Ninth Avenue

Image Courtesy Blossom Bakery
Image Courtesy Blossom Bakery

Known as the city’s original vegan empire, Blossom has now opened a bakery that not only is organic and vegan, but also offers an array of items that are gluten and sugar free. Head here to enjoy the most delicious Carrot Cake you can imagine.

Clementine Bakery

299 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn

Image Courtesy Clementine  Bakery
Image Courtesy Clementine Bakery

This delightful bakery prides itself on customer service and the community it serves. All of their baked goods are dairy free, gluten free and made with all natural, organic ingredients. Clementine Bakery is our go-to option for a beautiful, customized birthday cake that is delicious yet health conscious. Remember to order with 24 hours notice!

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

248 Broome Street

Image Courtesy Erin McKenna's Bakery
Image Courtesy Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Formerly known as Babycakes, this spot is a quintessential bakery in every sense of the word. With all staff in adorable uniforms serving baked goods that are gluten free, vegan and actually good for you, Erin McKenna’s Bakery is a must-visit. Their company goal is to make eating vegan and gluten-free fun, and they absolutely succeed in doing so!