Around TOWN | TOWN Welcomes Twyla to Flatiron

Last night, TOWN was honored to host the Twyla team in its flagship Flatiron office for an evening discussion and celebration. Hailing from Austin, Texas, this breakthrough art company sells museum-quality limited edition art prints from premier artists, including the artwork that now graciously adorns the office’s walls. TOWN’s Representatives, Executives and Associates enjoyed the opportunity to get to know some of the artists whose work is on display. 

Mellow Oldschool Hardcore by Mambo

Spearheaded by Haley Lankau and the TOWN Facilities team, the evening included light refreshments and began with introductory remarks by Andrew Heiberger, TOWN CEO and Founder.

“Since TOWN’s inception, we have worked to create a culture of collaboration and appreciation that seamlessly integrates lifestyle, culture and a healthy work/life balance,” shared Andrew. “We echo and commend Twyla’s commitment to providing new and emerging artists with a platform to create and promote museum-worthy artwork – the quality of which we can definitely attest to.”

Aldara spoke of her passion for underwater photography.

Next, Twyla’s Heidi Lee-Komaromi, Curator and Director of Artist Development, spoke of her excitement to see the artists’ work on the walls and the pleasure she took in seeing Flatiron’s history come to life through striking colors and artwork. Aside from her passion for curating, Heidi is dedicated to both the development of the contemporary artist and the extension of exclusive artwork outside of museums and into homes. 

Heidi then introduced one of the artists present, Aldara Ortega. Born in Madirid, Aldara is now a New York-based photographer who focuses on the human form as it interacts with an underwater environment. She spoke to her intense dedication to her work, the spirit of liberation conveyed in each piece.  

Insider info: Aldara’s subject in this photo is actually terrified of water!
Led by Heidi, the guided tour of the artwork gave Representatives a chance to familiarize themselves with the 19 pieces on display in the office. The pieces include work by 12 local NYC-based artists as well as samples from Twyla’s vast international artist base; plus a range of limited edition archival prints. To view the entire collection, click here.
Heidi took TOWN Representatives on a guided tour of the art. This piece is FLY! by Jonny Detiger.
TOWN’s association with Twyla reflects the firm’s ongoing commitment to the arts. Since inception, art has played a prominent role within the offices and culture. TOWN has previously worked closely with extraordinary artists such as illustrator James Gulliver Hancock, highly-acclaimed photojournalist Brian Hamill, and historically celebrated photographers to adorn the offices with unrivaled creativity. TOWN has also supported prominent art festivals and organizations including Frieze New York, Collective Design Fair, Armory Week, Art Basel Miami, and the New Museum.
Krista Truglio and Aldara Ortega