Around Town: All’onda

all'onda restaurantOpposites attract in Michael White’s latest culinary adventure at All’onda. The newly-opened and highly anticipated restaurant serves up Venetian dishes with an unconventional fusion of Japanese flavors making for an intriguing meal.

Manned by restauranteur Chris Cannon, Michael White’s former business partner, and Chef Chris Jaeckle, White’s former apprentice, All’onda is essentially an extension of the master chef.

Culinary mastermind Jaeckle, makes this eccentric combination a Manhattan gem. He masterfully edits Venetian noodle and seafood dishes to include Japanese flair.

Sweet-and-sour Sardines are arranged Japanese style on a plank with a touch of miso on the razor clams.  He even added monkfish to the classic Venetian liver dish. There’s nothing Jaeckle can’t do.

And for dessert? Gelato in flavors like ricotta and soy. Take a seat at the white marble bar and sip on a Venetian-inspired cocktail, look out the floor-to-ceiling windows, and give thanks to Venice for these incredibly talented chefs.

All’onda, 22 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003, (212) 231-2236