Architecture News | 2017 Excellence in Design Awards

The New York City Public Design Commission teamed up with Mayor Bill de Blasio to select eleven architectural projects as winners of this year’s Awards for Excellence in Design. Now in its 34th year, the award recognizes projects across all five boroughs that “exemplify how innovative and thoughtful design can provide New Yorkers with the best possible public spaces and services and engender a sense of civic pride.” We’ve compiled a list of some of this year’s standouts. For the full list, read here.

1. Treetop Adventure Zipline and Nature Trek

Architect: Tree-Mendous

Image Courtesy NYC Office of the Mayor / ArchDaily

As renderings reveal, the Treetop Adventure Zipline will bring new energy to the experience of visiting the Bronz Zoo. The structure rises 45 feet above the Bronz River and invites participants to zip across via 375 feet of zip-line cable. The fun and exciting experience has been designed to target a new active audience and raise awareness of the importance of protecting our natural world.

2. Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center

Architect: Marble Fairbanks + SCAPE Landscape Architecture

Image Courtesy NYC Office of the Mayor / ArchDaily

The new Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center is a much-anticipated addition to Brooklyn and a triumph of innovative sustainable architecture anywhere. Replacing an outdated one-story library, the new structure has been designed to strike a balance between indoor and outdoor space for both library and environmental programming usage. Visitors of all ages will be accommodated by its reading rooms, public meeting rooms, large community events space, and lab space for interactive projects. The library also carries a LEED Silver certification for its innovative approaches to sustainability.

3. FIT New Academic Building

Architect: SHoP Architects + Mathews Nielsen 

Image Courtesy NYC Office of the Mayor / ArchDaily

FIT’s new transparent glass academic building will stand at the campus’ northern edge and reflect the college’s commitment to openness and continuous community engagement. Inside its ten stories and 110,000 square feet, the building will include smart classrooms, textile labs, and administrative offices, as well as the first dedicated student life hall on campus in nearly 20 years. The design masterfully reflects the school’s mission to welcome the public and its vision to exchange ideas across many platforms.

4. Woodside Office, Garage, and Inspection Facility

Architect: TEN Arquitectos + W Architecture and Landscape Architecture 

Image Courtesy NYC Office of the Mayor / ArchDaily

Any reduction of traffic congestion is a win in our book! Tasked with serving upwards of 13,500 taxis, the renovated Woodside facility will not only expand the existing eight-lane garage but also reconfigure its base level to create additional lanes and improve traffic flow on the nearby roadway. Above the garage will rest a louver-screened structure to host increased office space for staff, with strategically placed windows for optimal sunlight and views.

5. The Cubes Administration and Education Building

Architect: LOT-EK

Image Courtesy NYC Office of the Mayor / ArchDaily

Coming to the heart of Socrates Sculpture Park is a new 2,640-square-foot structure comprised of 18 shipping containers. The Cubes Building will ultimately become the permanent home for all Socrates Sculpture Park administration and programming, and stand as a testament to the park’s commitment to revitalizing historic design while presenting fresh, contemporary public art, as well as fostering environmental stewardship and community.